Lets go racing

lets go racing
lets go racing

The let`s go racing game.
This is a double sided racing game.

A laminated boardgame with horse racing on one side and greyhound racing on the other side.
This game is for age group 7 to adult and for 2-8 players. Price in the uk.

(£27-37including post packing insurance and next day delivery when possible.)look out too for the new features coming soon. trap and start cards. name and meeting sheets. new rule book.

ou play one version. Up comes SCARECROW 2. In this game you have to shoo the crows away and you just do not believe what those crows are doing to your crops.
A great educational game involving adding and subtraction.

This game is in the same box as scarecrow 1 and is printed on the reverse side. Great SCARECROW FUN. Welcome to Scarecrow 1,
The educational game where you build up your scarecrows. Beware the weather cards.

Just when you think you have your scarecrows made up,(A bolt of lightning could just burn it down).

MRP £28-00p uk price only.

watch out you crooks.The warden here works by the book.
Can you escape down the tunnel? will you be stuck in solitary for ever and a day?
could you be the lucky one to get set free early? The answers lie in the LONG STRETCH. Beware the sharks outside and inside.
MRP £28-00

Because we have 18 planned versions of this game. it is almost impossible to show the pictures for all of them. The twist and match game is an educational game for over 4 year olds going up to over 16 year olds.we also have an adult version which sadly we can not show because it`s too explicit. Normal twist and match games have an MRP

Where the bus stops is an educational game for 10yr olds upwards. with cards and money add money and bus routes and your into an exciting game for everyone. MRP £35-00


The new mingo game is an idea of bingo with 8 numbers on the playing card. With 13 different ways to play this game and only 50 numbers to play from, This game is going to be a SMASH.

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