The Board Game Designers Forum

The Board Game Designers Forum
The Board Game Designers Forum

Gen Con
Description: Gen Con is the largest gaming convention in North America. In 2002 they had 26,000 attendees. Roleplaying games, boardgames, CCGs, wargames, and just about everything else is represented. There are now 3 different Gen Cons: Gen Con Indy in Indianapolis, Indiana (after having been in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for most of its life), Gen Con Europe somewhere in Europe (London in 2003), and Gen Con SoCal in Anaheim, California.

Description: Origins is one of the largest game conventions in North America, offering every form of game experience from board games, trading card games and roleplaying games, to live action games, historical games and miniatures. In 2002 they had 11,000 attendees. It’s largest rival, Gen Con, is more focused on RPGs, so if you’re into boardgaming and you had to pick between the two, Origins is probably the way to go.

Description: Protospiel is an annual get-together of amateur game designers to test and promote nearly finished game prototypes. The atmosphere is casual, yet everyone is serious about their goals and dreams of publishing games. This years was from July 17th-20th in Lansing Michigan. You will have to wait until next year to attend this convention.

Toy and Games Inventors Forum
Description: A site created to support the Toy and Game Inventors Forum, an annual convention held in Las Vegas. This year it is being held from September 22-24. Prices are steep for this event; so probably only serious game developers looking to sell a finished product would be interested in attending.

Hi there! Welcome to my boardgames pages. From here you can access details of all the boardgames I own – and have got as far as adding to the site. In practice, that means about one half to two thirds of the boardgames I own are on this site, with the others in a long queue to get here…

The current count of games on the site is 139! – although only 20 are online yet…

Note: The site has just been through a couple of moves and a period where I have been unable to keep it online. It is now undergoing reconstruction so not all the links work yet. If you want to be kept up to date, click on the subscribe link below and I’ll send you an e-mail as parts get added. 🙂

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